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Welcome to globalinvest-ltd.co company


Welcome to globalinvest-ltd.co company  

Our company funded in 1950 -we are working in real estate market -we are working offline since that time -and we decide to share our (work-profits) with the people who interested in real work and real opportunity to change him life -we are here to make the investment simple and easy for every body around the world- our company have alot of professional employees to make the work gonig like we want , our company make a staple of income every (month -year) -our company have a years of experience in this work - also when you invest in our company you dont want to do anything just deposite in your favorite plan and start earning -our profits not just a number its real profit come from the treading in real estate market- we have a simple sote with simple featuresWe explain to you in a simple way to work The site is an investment in the real estate buildings that buys the property and also maintenance to the real estate and sells the real estate after the high price and puts a percentage of everything in this process relative to the members of the investors and the ratio of management of the site in the administration and the proportion of employees in the accounts and the variable value in profit We have plans in the investment will be in the picture in detail any inquiry we will answer him in public or private and thank you with greetings management site

Proof of withdrawal from a website that supports Western Union

Now we can explain our investment packages: - We have investment packages starting from $ 20 and ending at $ 1000. You can buy unlimited number of packages. The profits of the packages vary according to the price of the package. For example, the number one package is $ 20 and the profit is from 2% to 4% # 6, which is priced at $ 1000, starting from 4% to 6% per month. This was just an example. You can access our site and get all the information about it. Rates vary each month and may decrease and may increase depending on the market situation, company occupancy and profits. The methods of depositing in the company: - Methods of deposit in the company are four ways: 1 - Betquin: An electronic currency that is traded online exclusively and you can buy from intermediaries or websites famous, the deposit is calculated by calculating the price of Betcquin when it was sent to us so that If you send today 1 Betcuain and the price of 19 thousand dollars will be calculated at the price of today, and whatever happens tomorrow the client will not be affected by it. 2 - Bank Perfection Money: - An electronic bank that you can ship through the dollar or euro or the housekeeper also, a bank easy and smooth is not complicated. 3 - Western Union: - a bank or source for the transfer of funds to all countries of the world and everyone knows him without a doubt. 4-MoneyGram: - It is also like Western Union, can send your money to all the world. The easy deposit method will be summarized in several steps: 1 - First I go to our account. 2-Click on deposit in your account. 3. You will be redirected to another page. 4 - Click on the way you would like to deposit money. 5 - dictate all the information on the page "page is a record only" and then click send. 6. Send the money to us via the information on the page; with the same information that was entered. ● Important ● Money will not be deposited into your account If the information is wrong, you should check carefully when entering information. Data and payments will then be reviewed and funds will be added to your account. A deposit commission of 2% will be deducted. Commissions: First, the deposit commission is 2% of each transaction. Second, the withdrawal commission is 3% of each transaction. Thirdly, the commission is 5% of each transaction. Fourth, the assignment commission is 1% of each transaction. Explain the process of withdrawal is like the process of filing, you must enter the correct information in order to avoid problems. The process of sending is as follows: - This feature enables you to send and receive money from all friends and members of the site, first you must enter the page send send and then enter the email of the person you wish to send money and enter the PIN, a secret number of transactions in your account, which must You must save it in a secret place, enter the amount to be sent, then send the amount and deduct 5% from your account. Good luck and peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings

We have multiple plans , fantastic plans ! , all you need to Do choose the plan that you want , than Deposit The Money And Buy it , simple & easy , with out any problems , if you doesn't have account register for free ! 

Don't waste your time , join us today and build your future from Now ! 

Explain the site from the inside

Different ways to deposit money into the site by pressing  DEPOSIT

Buy packages by clicking ADPACK

Send money between friends by clicking send

Dragging also supports these methods

The method of depositing through Bitquin must send money first step and after this complete the clear evidence in the picture and the title of the wallet to which the money is sent,

Method of Filing by perfect money  The money must be sent first step. After this, the clear evidence of the picture and the title of the wallet to which the money is sent will be completed.

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